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The Loony Bin

January 23, 2011


It has been a delightfully busy few days.The kids are doing well (knock on wood) and the final touches of our new wall arrived.  It is … incredible.  I do not feel worthy. We bought this house 5 years ago.  I had been looking for something new because our family had grown out of our […]

The Loony Bin

January 19, 2011

One of life’s lightbulb moments…

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the whole panty episode.  In a way, it’s funny … it really is … yet at the same time, it left me wondering how I end up in relationships where people feel that it is OK to do things like burst in on me when I’m not […]

The Loony Bin

January 16, 2011

So there I was sitting in my panties …

I got up early and enjoyed an entire pot of coffee before Zoe … and then Aidan …  joined me downstairs.   We have been back in our home 24 hours now, after spending most of last week in a hotel.  Next time I suggest renovations, please, someone remind me of how I came home […]

The Loony Bin

January 14, 2011

Home Stretch Part 1

We are approaching the renovation home stretch Part 1 …. as in … the wall has been knocked down and rebuilt …. our old light in the kitchen has been removed, re-centered and a new chandelier has been hung.  I….love this light.  LOVE.  It might be a little big for the space, but I can’t […]

The Loony Bin

January 6, 2011

The reno ….

We are renovating in the kitchen …. Zoe and Aidan started back to school on Monday … thank goodness the demolition crew arrived at 7:30am or we would have missed the bus right off the bat.  I am sooo not a morning person.  Tuesday, Andrew and Alex got back into the school routine. By that […]