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The Loony Bin

May 9, 2011

Most improved musician

One of the awards Alex won this year is “Most improved musician”.  He started out as a beginner on the violin … unsure of whether he wanted to try it, and lacking any confidence when it came to actually learning the notes or playing in the orchestra.  He finished the year of orchestra off with […]

The Loony Bin

May 5, 2011

Baseball and Band update

It’s that time of year again.  Baseball season is in full swing for Andrew.  It got off to a slow start thought because of our cold and rainy Spring.  The first home game that I went to happened in 35F weather.  I literally sat there all bundled up, using sweatshirts from the van draped across […]

The Loony Bin

May 2, 2011


Amanda turned 15 years old today!  We celebrated as a family like we always do, with a visit to Space Aliens. It’s hard to see, but she is wearing a foil space aliens headband. She pretended to be miserable wearing it, but …. you know … she wore it the whole time that we were […]

The Loony Bin

April 29, 2011

My husband is an expert at everything …

which is why it pains me to admit that I got an 85% on my final exam in Virology.  I calculated my test gpa and with my 2 extra credit points, I still have a 94.1 average.  I should be thanking my lucky stars for my 85, because frankly, I think it was a gift […]

The Loony Bin

April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We were blessed by a beautiful Easter day. It was such a welcome relief from the dreary, gray, rainy and cold weather that has plagued us for much of April. It was wonderful to have the kids home for a few days and to enjoy NOT having to drive them to school or pick them […]