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Healthy Living

November 5, 2013

Slow and steady starts the race

Today is day 2.  It seems a little silly to point that out, but since the first days of changing eating habits seem to be he hardest for me, I think it will serve me well to celebrate little successes early on.  Yesterday, I planned on going back to my Medi-Fast meals but for whatever […]

Healthy Living

August 6, 2011

It doesn’t sound like much

6 Pounds is all that I have managed to lose since starting my healthy me challenge … how many weeks ago was that? Four?  Four whole WEEKS?  Somehow, I imagined being 20 pounds thinner by now.  It’s unrealistic, I know.  When I lost all of that weight 2 years ago, I managed a steady 1-3 […]

Healthy Living

July 10, 2011

Getting going

Since starting my healthy living challenge, I have been able to exercise every day.  The most fun that I’ve had was spending just 15 minutes out on our new paddleboat!  The kids had a blast and I tired myself out pretty quickly.  I imagined riding out there for at least a half an hour, but […]

Healthy Living

July 8, 2011

Finding the wagon

Two years ago, I set out to find a healthier me and I was pretty successful.  I lost almost 70 pounds and though I wasn’t at my goal weight (boohoo) I felt much better.  I was walking an hour a day regardless of the weather.  By last spring/summer, I was jogging 3-4 miles.  Then the […]