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The Loony Bin

April 26, 2013

Green Belt, Finally

Alex earned his green belt yesterday. He recently rejoined Kung Fu after a 4 year absence. We let him quit when he was 9. At that time, he was a yellow-black belt, so when he came back and seemed to still have many of the skills, his teacher talked with him and decided not to […]

The Loony Bin

April 24, 2013

April Fools

I woke up with a spider bite on my thigh that is surrounded by a one inch bruise. Unless it’s filled with fat gobbling venom, I’m taking it as just another chapter in the cruel joke that Mother Nature has been heaping on us this April.

The Loony Bin

April 17, 2013


Zoe is seven. It hardly seems possible.  I know I say that every year.  Her birthday more difficult celebration for me because it reminds me of the trauma of the pregnancy and her early weeks in the NICU.  It is a triumphant celebration because it is evidence of strength, healing, and recovery.

The Loony Bin

April 15, 2013

Dinner Drama

Zoe at dinner: “What’s that terrible smell? Oh GAWD, barbecue chicken. I hate barbecue chicken. Why did you make me barbecue chicken?” She put a bite of barbecue chicken into her mouth and writhed, contorted and began to make choking sounds. Me: Go to the garbage to spit that out. She stood over the garbage […]

The Loony Bin

Good-bye is so hard

Aidan lost his violin teacher.  He had been in the hospital for two months struggling to get control of advancing heart failure due to an idiopathic lung disease. Just days before he passed away, things seemed like they were getting better.  His wife, my friend, had texted me that he was “out of the ICU” […]