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November 4, 2013

The great Slim-Down

I’m tired of being fat.  There, I said it.  In one month, it will be time for my husband’s department Christmas party and for a big community Holiday bash.  Over the course of the next few weeks, just like last year, I will be sorting through the plus size offerings at local department stores in […]

The Loony Bin

November 3, 2013

Starting over

I used to blog for myself regularly several times a week.  I loved that writing helped provide me with perspective and emotional release.  It was a way for me to find perspective in the midst of the chaos of raising five kiddos. Life can be so busy. I fell out of blogging over the past […]

The Loony Bin

September 29, 2013

Where to start…

I took the summer off from doing anything school or blog related. Instead,  I dedicated my time to my children, my writing, and to cementing my own happiness. It was one of the best summers we have had in years! We spent the months playing outside, swimming in the outdoor splash pools, vacationing in WI, […]

The Loony Bin

June 1, 2013

The beginning of a new era

I am, officially, the  mom of a high school graduate. It doesn’t seem possible. As Andrew’s graduation approached, I found myself walking into rooms and bursting into tears. I pulled together digital pictures of him from his birth until he turned 18 to have them printed and ready for his graduation party. The night before […]

The Loony Bin

May 15, 2013

May is regular crazy plus end of the school year crazy!

May has absolutely raced on ahead without me … leaving me in the dust of April to watch the madness. Let’s just put the big thing out there: Andrew is getting ready to graduate in just one week.