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November 11, 2013

Meeting myself coming and going

I’m busy. ( Aren’t we all.)  This last week put my hectic life into focus in a way that made me laugh and … exhausted me at the same time.

I sort of was on automatic pilot as I trudged through the week of violin lessons, Kung Fu, and getting Andrew on and off campus while balancing my coursework.  I’m at that point in the semester where I feel the constant slow burn of stress about assignments and projects that are coming due.  I have been finishing papers weeks in advance of their due dates simply because I can’t stand the stress of the unfinished project hovering over me each day.  I’ve been working on a paper that I have due on December 4th for two weeks now (whenever I get a chance.).  My attempt to get done early has really just stretched this project out into an eternally long process.  I feel trapped by the work.  I am counting down the days until this semester ends. (Of course, I just registered for next semester, so I feel a little like a hamster on a wheel.)

Wednesday afternoon, I had a fun day on campus while I worked on my paper.  I ran into friends that I haven’t seen in months.  It was a positive day and I was able to remind myself of how happy I really am right now.  I got a lot of work done and then headed into a hectic Thursday.

Class Thursday is from 1:30-5 and it always feels much longer than it is.  Actually, 3 1/2 hours of class is pretty long if you ask me.  Add to that the fact that campus is a 1.5 hour drive from my house one way.  That’s a 6.5 hour day without the extras of laundry, dinner, bedtime baths and other responsibilities.  Last Thursday, I was distracted and tired.  When class ended, I walked to my car and discovered to my dismay that it was already dark outside.  We set our clocks back on Sunday with the end result being that darkness comes earlier.  I’m used to driving home in the dark because my class Wed. is from 5:30-9:45, but the traffic at 5pm is killer.  I navigated my way in the darkness, battling the on-ramps and exits while deep in thought.

An hour later, it occurred to me that the lights ahead looked unfamiliar.

“It always looks different at night,” I reasoned.

I kept driving.

I started looking for familiar lights and tried to judge how close I was to home.  I thought I was within 25 minutes of my house.

My cell phone was completely empty, so I had turned it off to preserve the small amount of battery left.  I turned it on. I was on red light with an exclamation mark.  I turned on my navigation.  It plotted me 1.5 hours away from my  house and driving in the completely opposite direction.

I turned it off and on again, assuming it was plotting my location wrong.

It gave me the same information.

I pulled off of the highway at a Target, ran in and bought a charger cable for the van and called my husband.  At that point, I knew I was terribly lost. I searched my navigator again and was dismayed to get the same results again.  I reluctantly accepted that I had driven 1.5 hours in the opposite direction of home.


I made it home nearly two hours later than usual, mentally drained by my experience.  I had a good laugh at myself the next day, though.  I really am on automatic pilot.  It’s a good thing I was close enough to a Target to run in and pick up another charger.  That was definitely a reminder to me that I need to be prepared with my phone charged particularly now as winter approaches.

As far as dieting is concerned … I did well for most of the week.  I cheated on the weekend, but I did it consciously, knowing that I would be back on track on Monday.  I felt like I needed to give myself permission to have a couple of cheat days.  It was easy to get right back into things this morning.    I still managed to lose two pounds for the week despite my inconsistency.  I have been good about keeping up with the walking and still haven’t used my indoor treadmill.  I feel like it’s good for me to take the dog with me if I’m going to walk, so it’s win-win for both of us.

It’s going to be a busy week again this week. On top of everything else, I am leaving for WI on Friday to close on our new cabin.  I will be there several days by myself to wrap up all of the details. I’m approaching it as a mini-vacation and as a way to finish getting some of my studying done before the end of the semester.  It’s going to be an exciting week!



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