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June 1, 2013

The beginning of a new era

I am, officially, the  mom of a high school graduate.

It doesn’t seem possible. As Andrew’s graduation approached, I found myself walking into rooms and bursting into tears. I pulled together digital pictures of him from his birth until he turned 18 to have them printed and ready for his graduation party. The night before he graduated, I sat in my closet and cried openly. A lifetime of being a mom and my job, it felt was over. I know it isn’t. It has just changed. Andrew is not a little boy anymore. He still needs me, but he needs me to stand beside him and guide him, not to lead the way.

My dad and stepmom didn’t end up coming for the graduation or graduation party. My mom made it, and together, our small family celebrated this first step.

Soon, I will be helping him move into the dorms and get settled in at college. Before I know it, he will be moving on and starting his own life.

I am grieving the end of his childhood and am celebrating the beginning of his adulthood.


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