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May 15, 2013

May is regular crazy plus end of the school year crazy!

May has absolutely raced on ahead without me … leaving me in the dust of April to watch the madness.

Let’s just put the big thing out there: Andrew is getting ready to graduate in just one week.

This is Andrew just days after he was born in 1994. 

Here he is now.  All grown up.

While I was pregnant with him, I visited a mom in the hospital after she gave birth to baby #3.  Her oldest child was already in school. “Oh, Kris, it goes by so fast,” she had said to me.  Fast?  I couldn’t imagine giving birth in a few months, let alone him starting school.  Andrew graduating from high school seemed completely out of the question.

And yet here we are.

To add to the excitement of his graduation is the regular end-of-the year craziness.  Aidan had an orchestra concert and then Alex had his orchestra performance. We still have awards ceremonies to go to and then …

There is my marriage and family therapy class.  The professor apologized in advance for what he called a “brain dump”. These first weeks involve reading 3 or 4 -40 page chapters a week where people are called actors and a simple concept is explained using big words that ultimately veer away from the simple concepts. We’re supposed to memorize all of the assumptions and propositions just in time for ….

Andrew’s graduation.

Yes. Back to Andrews’ graduation.

My mom and dad and stepmom are flying in from Texas.  These are the same people who haven’t been in a room together for 17 years.  My dad continues to blame my mom for the end of the marriage and is holding onto animosity even though he remarried the day after their divorce was final. Whatevs, I know.

My mom will tolerate my dad for the sake of the event.  I know it will be hard for her.

Somewhere tucked away in there is me. My dad recently texted me “I can’t wait to see you handle this” about he and my mom coming together for the first time.

I can’t either.  Apparently, my Marriage and Family class needs to take a field trip to my home that weekend.  We’ll either be watching my dad drink and grow rowdy and inappropriate or two adults figure out how to manage their first ever time together in 17 years without incident.  The graduation is Saturday night.  The family barbecue is Sunday evening.


I know what I think will happen.

We’ll see.

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