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May 12, 2013

Oh Mother’s Day

This year. Mother’s Day? Not so much.

Saturday, Zoe started vomiting. Alex was having a few friends (boys AND girls) over for a bonfire and he was a nervous wreck.  I was trying to clean up and take care of bonfire issues and then the nausea began.

She nestled up next to me in bed after what must have been the 12th time she threw up and proclaimed Mother’s Day a dud.  She had been so excited to make me breakfast in bed and it seemed like that wasn’t going to happen for.

“Don’t worry,” I told her. I’ll make breakfast in bed for you if you’re sick.

She woke me up early and said, “I’m the mom today. If I vomit I’ll tell you to take my place.” She had me get up and gather the ingredients she needed to make me a breakfast parfait in bed. Then she picked out cleaning supplies for her siblings and made chore lists. “Just so you know, you don’t get to stay in bed all day.”. In bed? I didn’t want to miss that for the world!

Or  maybe I did, because as soon as she proclaimed herself the mother of the day and started barking out orders to Aidan, things went downhill.  He got upset and had a little mini-and-very-rare-tantrum.  It ended in tears and ugliness.  It wasn’t pretty.

I took a mommy break and went out to Pier-One for an hour once Thomas was up.

I came home, and Thomas was sick. He was lying on the sofa looking miserable.  Then Andrew dragged himself down the stairs: “I’m sick. I feel terrible. I think I’m dying.”

We ended up going out for a walk with heavy hearts.  Amanda said, “You know, we’re going for a walk to give you a good day.  No one feels well.” Heavier heart. We all decided on TGIF for dinner … and then no one could really eat.

I decided to give today a pass. You know …. I’m blessed with five healthy children.  The truth is that every day really is mother’s day for me no matter how stressful the day might be.


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