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April 26, 2013

Green Belt, Finally

Alex earned his green belt yesterday. He recently rejoined Kung Fu after a 4 year absence. We let him quit when he was 9. At that time, he was a yellow-black belt, so when he came back and seemed to still have many of the skills, his teacher talked with him and decided not to make him start over.

He has been working towards the green belt for about seven weeks and was eager to finally move beyond where he had been so many years ago. The kung fu instructor is quite strict on what she will accept for the belt tests, so he was nervous going into it.  Nervous and exhausted from baseball practice.  This week, in preparation for his test, he basically spent all day at school, went to baseball practice for two hours and then we drove straight to the kung fu studio so that he could go to class and work on his kicks, jumps, and routine.

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