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April 24, 2013

April Fools

Spring Baseball practice in the frozen tundra

I woke up with a spider bite on my thigh that is surrounded by a one inch bruise. Unless it’s filled with fat gobbling venom, I’m taking it as just another chapter in the cruel joke that Mother Nature has been heaping on us this April.

Look, I like snow … in December … for a determined amount of time. Snow in April though is something that I firmly lobby against though I recognize that my voice carries little weight.

This April, Zoe’s elementary school spring concert was cancelled due to a fluke mid-April snowstorm that ultimately dropped 12 inches on us. Yay for a happy snow day, Boo for the heavy, wet stuff.  It melted and started looking like Spring and then yesterday we woke

up to 3 new,soft, white new weighing down the trees.  Beautiful? Yes. April? No.

I forgave mother nature for her cruel spring hoax because she offered us a beautiful, sunny day to enjoy the last snow of a long, white winter.



Our April weather has mirrored my internal life this month.  I finished my courses on a high note, the day before Zoe’s birthday, after a weekend of over-studying. I wrote out all of my notes, rewrote them on note-cards, audio-taped my notes and then worked through the study guide.  My final course grade? 270/250.  I think I nailed it … After working through my final, I finished up a paper due for my other class and BAM I was done for the semester.

I couldn’t stop the momentum though as my brain pushed me to keep working. I pulled open a manuscript that I’ve been working on for a year and managed to add 40 pages in a week… I started getting to sleep at 2am and one night at 3am … all warning signs that I was off….

And I think I was.

I’ve been on steroids for my lung this month and besides generously handing me a hefty 10 pounds, they also seem to have given me an emotional boost.

Now as I taper down from the steroids, I feel my mind being dragged down with it too.

I have the clarity to see this though and to make choices about how to manage things. That is a gift

Saturday it is supposed to be in the 70′s.  I’ll take it as the symbolic return to Spring that I’ve been waiting on.


  1. April Fools! I hate those April snow storms. The weather this year has been odd! And I have had a spider bite like the one you describe, and I still have the scar on the back of my thigh 4 years later. Watch that bite, mine got infected and really turned ugly.
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