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April 15, 2013

Good-bye is so hard

Aidan lost his violin teacher.  He had been in the hospital for two months struggling to get control of advancing heart failure due to an idiopathic lung disease. Just days before he passed away, things seemed like they were getting better.  His wife, my friend, had texted me that he was “out of the ICU” and that they were working on physical rehab since he had bee lying in bed for so long.

Aidan had adjusted to the temporary teacher who had offered to fill in, but he often wondered out loud about when his teacher would be back.

I got the message on a Tuesday afternoon before picking Aidan up from KidStop. In my head, I planned out how I would tell him. I imagined myself picking him up, sitting him down on the sofa at home, and hugging him as I shared the news: “Mr. Anderson has gone to heaven.” Instead, I picked him up and burst into tears, unable to wait with the news until we got back to the house.

I wish I had done it differently and had stuck to my original plan. My emotions just got the best of me.

The funeral was schedule for two weeks later, and we went hand-in-hand.  He sat on my lap and I rubbed his back while tears fell down his cheeks during the service.

Mr. Anderson had been his hero. He looked up to him. It has been a big loss for a little guy. The temporary teacher has agreed to take on the orchestra position permanently and she has given the kids the gift of a seamless transition.

After the funeral, we framed a portrait that his teacher had painted, and found a place for it on Aidan’s wall.  Life goes on, but he is taking a piece of his teacher along on the journey.

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