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April 5, 2013

Narrative Therapy … Strike one!

Thursday, I was picking up my two teenagers from school.  (Idyllic Hallmark moment ;))

me: How was your day guys?
Amanda: fine
Andrew: It sucked.

woohoo, I have a new approach I can try.  We’ve been covering narrative therapy in my Counseling Theories course and this seemed like the perfect time to test it out!

me: I’m sorry, buddy.  How did you manage to get through such a rough day?

Andrew: I just did. What the hell?

me: ummm….well, you have been having some bad days lately and I’m just admiring that you are able to get through these days so well, come home from school and head off to work with a positive attitude.  I think that takes a lot of inner strength that I really admire about you.

Amanda: So you’re saying that I don’t have inner strength?

me:  no, no, you both have inner strength.  You are both very resilient. I was just wondering how you seem to do such a good job of getting through such rough days.

Andrew:  Everyone gets through bad days.  I’m not special.

me: Andrew, not everyone gets through as well as you are. Neither one of you has caved to the peer pressure of skipping classes or trying drugs.  I’m proud of you.

Andrew: Of course I don’t cave to peer pressure.  That’s ridiculous.

feeling the conversation slipping out of my hands

me: Right.  And I am proud of both of you for your strength.  How is it that you have avoided the peer pressure?

pulling up to the house

Andrew:  Because I’m not a pussy.

me:  Oh, ok.  Well, we should celebrate your … ummm….lack of pussiness then, I guess. (it just sort of slipped out that way)

Amanda:  Have you been drinking, Mom?

me: What?

Amanda: No seriously?  This is the most random conversation ever. Right Andrew?

Andrew: I think she’s nuts.

Clearly, I need training! :)

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