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March 24, 2013

Kung Fu Buddy

I don’t know what the step is called, but Aidan is so serious about Kung Fu.  Alex took classes with the older kids at a Kung Fu studio many years ago.  When Andrew and Amanda quit, he decided to stop as well.  This was a real disappointment for us because we had grown close to his teacher.  Fast forward 4 years later and…Alex ran into his former Kung Fu teacher while she was running a show up at his school.  They talked and he came home excited to get back into KungFu.  I turned him down because I didn’t want to go through the agony of him losing interest and quitting again.

Now, Alex is preparing to take his green belt test and Aidan is on his way to the white belt.  He works so hard because he wants to be just like Alex.  The competition is endless between the two of them!

Zoe is also taking lessons.  Watching her try Kung Fu makes me smile every. single. class.

Even  with the help of the assistant teacher, she punches and kicks like a girl.  So much cuteness in that kiddo!

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