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January 10, 2013

New semester, week 1

Alright … break’s over … back in the saddle.

This semester, I reduced my load and am only taking two classes:  Psychopathology and Counseling Theory and Techniques.

The Psychopathology class is full of friends from Developmental from last semester and our reunion was both awkward and comforting.  We are all sitting on one side of the room together.  There is definitely a comfort in recognizing the faces and being able to talk right off the bat.  It just doesn’t feel like it did last semester, which is something I’ve just decided to let go.  It’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other, so my guess is that it will all fall back into place eventually.

Our professor is many shades of awesome.  He is quiet, thorough, and engaging.  I feel like we are definitely going to learn a lot from him.  It’s too bad though that the DSM-V is coming out in May and that he’s stuck teaching us with the DSM-IV.  I see this as a disadvantage.

Counseling Theories Prof?  Pretty full of herself.  She also came in and basically said that she was going to teach us everything that we needed to learn about counseling in the first two classes and then would be sort of forced through the rest of the semester of teaching us the various paradigms.  At that point, she went on and on about a Dodo bird theory and how research that isn’t sexy ends up not being published and that no one therapy is more helpful for an individual than another.  Pick a framework for your own comfort and that’s that.  There’s no possibility of standard of care like in medicine … The most important factor in patient improvement is alliance building.

I couldn’t help myself.  I ended up confronting this after she said: “have you ever been to a doctor that’s got a bad bedside manner?  It’s bedside manner that helps heal.”

I said ” Have you ever been to a really nice doctor who is a terrible physician who prescribes the wrong treatment?”

I added “what’s the point of studying all of this then if there is no way to develop an evidence based practice? Standard of care was developed in medicine as a way of ensuring that patients get care according to the best available research.”

Pretty much this turned into a discussion about the validity and reliability of the DSM (which she equated at about zero … I’m not sure I can argue with that) and the fact that research results that are published don’t necessarily reflect all research results (“there are filing cabinets full of null results that will never be published”).

I left feeling a little foolish for putting myself out there so early in the game.  I was unusually vocal for me. It’s time for me to focus more on my assignments and less on being argumentative. ;)


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