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November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year, thanksgiving was a rare moment of peace and family-togetherness in our house. When the teenagers were younger, most weekends were spent going for family walks, taking the kids to the movies or pulling out crafts to do together. I was warned to enjoy these times, but for some reason, I thought that our family would be immune to the power of teenagers whose only goal in life it seems is to separate from their families.

My secret wish is that we could still have Friday family fun nights, Saturdays in the park, and pot roast on Sundays. The reality is a little more complicated. Friday and Saturday nights are usually a blur of dropping teenagers off and picking them up, or texting them to see who they went home with after school, why they didn’t come home first,and who they think they are to just take off without letting me know what their plans were.

My teenagers don’t want to need me anymore and balancing their needs for freedom on the weekends involves a lot of negotiating. I want to relax and let them hang out with friends. It just doens’t happen for me.

I know I sound old, but ….kids today have no boundaries. They don’t. My teenagers friends have parents who consistently:
1. drink all weekend and even spend the weekend away from home leaving their children to do whatever they want.
2. Let their tweens and teens go bike-riding at 1am … and if that isn’t bad enough, the kids do it without lights on their bikes.
3. Impose no restrictions on what their teen girls can do and at what time. If my daughters sleeps over at some friends’ homes, I have learned that she and her friends can drive to Taco Bell at 2am and can walk out in the neighborhood and take pictures at 4am. I learned this because I’m friends with my her friends on facebook and they stuipidly post hourly updates on their “Walmart adventures” and assorted nonsense.

This facebook posting led me to show up at Wal-Mart one night at 1am to catch the girls sneaking through the store with halloween masks on just to be silly. Really? 16 and 17 year old girls parading through Wal-Mart after midnight is funny?

Anyway … back to Thanksgiving.

All of the kids stayed home and wandered through the kitchen while I prepared the turkey and stuffing.

My oldest son, who is about to turn 18 was my most frequent flier. I let myself imagine him a few years older … returning home for Thanksgiving with his wife … and sniffing around the kitchen while I cooked.

Hey … leave me my fantasies! I need them to get through this!

All of the kids stayed at the table through the meal. The little ones all shared what they were thankful for, and I was able to grab a little moment where we were all spending time together again.

I’m thankful … for that moment!

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