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November 16, 2012

The Study Mess

I’m supposed to be happy that he is studying, right?Clearly, we have some life skills work left to do before he heads off to College.  College … did I mention that he has gotten accepted at all three schools where he applied?!  We are very excited for him….he…is a little less enthusiastic.  He was accepted at universities that are 3 hours away and that his backup school here in town….10 minutes from our home.  He insists that he is  “staying local” and “living at home” so that I can “help him if he needs it”.  I’ve tried to explain that 3 hours away IS LOCAL and that I am willing to drive those three hours for him if he needs me, but he is pretty adamant about staying put.

I think he’s just so afraid of change and of what the end of high school represents.  High school is ending and this is a tough transition for him.  He has gone back to sleeping on the top bunk in his brother’s room and is generally speaking a bit more clingy. In all likelihood, he will go to the local University.  I’m really pushing for him to live in the dorms, but with the tax increases coming, we might not be able to afford to let him live in the dorms.  We’ll have to see what his scholarship package looks like.


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