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October 8, 2012

Living Life

It has been crazy busy around here since school started this Fall.  This has been the most awesome crazy period in memory though.  Andrew is a Senior, Amanda is a Junior, Alex is in 8th grade, Aidan started 3rd grade and our little caboose … are you ready for it?  Yes. First grade.  We are moving in several different directions every single day with school buses, pick-ups, dance, violin, orchestra, soccer and driver’s ed.  My head is constantly spinning and truth time?  It’s going better than I ever imagined.

This year, I started out in a graduate program(MA) in Counseling Psychology.  This is a program that is designed for working adults and classes are offered during the day and in the evening/on weekends. I was anxious at first that I wouldn’t be able to juggle the children and my studying.  Thomas encouraged me to dive in though, and I registered for 3 classes.  I also started working in a Montessori preschool/kindergarten in the mornings.

Right now, I’m in the middle of Developmental Psychology, Statistics and Research, and Theories of Personality.  Thomas has taken over all of the parenting responsibilities two nights a week and Saturday mornings.  He told me that he wanted to support me the way that I supported him through years of training, and he has.

It’s been pretty amazing for me to spent two afternoons/evenings on campus during the middle of the week.  It’s a 1.5 hour drive each way to get to the University, and I’ve been spending my time listening to lectures on tape or just relaxing to fun music.  I can feel my worries melt away as I get closer to school and by the time I’ve parked and have headed up to the common area to study before class, I’m just in a relaxed and happy state-of-mind.

Classes are going really well.  I feel constantly swamped by work though.  Saturday I had to give an oral presentation and turn in a 7 page paper …. that was followed by finishing a mid-term exam made up of 10 essay questions.  It was a take-home exam, which helped, but the amount of thinking and writing felt unreal.  Now I’m preparing for statistics and the mid-term Thursday while I work on a 15 page paper for development and catch up on Jung and Adler for Personality.  I have this constant push in the background: “keep going, next … next …”  Each time I finish with one project, I am on to two more.

Frankly, it’s awesome.

I’ve met so many really unique and interesting people through the program already.  We have worked on group projects together and are in the process of sharing our live’s journeys in development.  Each time I head to school, I know that I am going to run into someone kind and friendly.  I feel happy … really, truly happy.

The kids are all handling it much better than I thought they would.  We have had a couple of family meetings to iron out the details, but Amanda is tremendously proud of me and wants to follow in my footsteps.  She even talks about going to the same school that I am.  The other kids have adapted to the changes and we all manage to spend a lot more quality time together on the weekends than we used to.

I just wanted to throw a quick update out there.  I’m around, just not as active as I used to be.  I’m going to try to be better about updating.

Live is good.

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