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July 16, 2012

I did it!

After a year of sitting partially finished, le Fort is … well, almost finished.  As you can see by my pictures though, I got the bunkbed in, the flooring down and in an act that should have me up for the mom-of-the year award, I got in both windows.

I was thrilled to find the windows on sale at Menards for $19.99 each complete with screens.  And. Yup, I installed them myself.




Once I had them in, I realized a little teeny fact that I had somehow missed along the way:  they were in backwards.  It took me 20 minutes, but I finally came up with a good reason that it had to be that way.  This way, I can shut the windows from the outside when it’s raining and I don’t have to climb up into the fort!

I still have wood splinters in my hair two showers later, but the kids are thrilled.

Confession?  I’m kind of thrilled too!

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