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April 6, 2012

You earned an upgrade

I was playing a game of Hot and Cold with Zoe in the car yesterday while I drove her to afternoon Kindergarten.

It sounded something like this:

Me: I’m thinking of something

Zoe: Give me a hint

So the hint giving started while I assessed each guess at being hot or cold.  After she got the right answer, it was my turn to guess.

Zoe:  You are the BOSS of this game, mommy … you earned an upgrade.  Now you can say hot or cold AND big or small


Me:  I’m thinking of something

Zoe: Hint

Me: It’s a building

Zoe:  You didn’t earn that upgrade.  You can only say hot or cold or big or small.  That’s it!

LOL.  I think she is playing too much Minecraft with her brothers!

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