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December 8, 2011

The great mommy-coaster

Catching up:  MIL has already come and gone.  Two weeks kind of flew by and here we are staring down Andrew’s birthday on Sunday and Christmas. This was actually one of the best visits with my mil to date because I think we’ve both accepted each others’ strengths and weaknesses.  That doesn’t mean that the comments weren’t there from her regarding my parenting, housekeeping and general poor organizational skills, but … it was better.

I … am a people person, and it was nice having family here, but I can only do people in doses. It is very hard for me to get together with people IRL no matter how much I care about them. It actually provokes a lot of anxiety in me and consequently, I end up feeling really exhausted after a couple of hours. There are very few people who I get together with regularly and those who have actually spent nights at my home, with me in a hotel, or with whom I share a vacation slush fund …. well….that’s deep….and also anxiety provoking, but I get over myself because I value the together time.  This means that I was more exhausted than usual.  I am still so tired that I feel like something is physically wrong with me.

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