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November 12, 2011

Play with the graphics around here much?

I know.

Playing with the site graphics is my own little form of procrastination.

I just don’t feel like I have much to say lately.  How can that be?  I don’t know.  Lately, my mind just feels like its in a million places at once.  I’m having a hard time sitting down to focus on anything to write about.  My life is busy lately, but the ability to capture it in words seems to be lost for now.

I’ll try a mini-catch up and see how it goes!

I’ve started Medifast.  Crazy, but so far so good.  Today is day 4 and I don’t feel nearly as hungry this morning as I’ve felt for the last few days.  I have actually lost 8 pounds since I started, but I know it’s water weight.

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  1. You know, I used to be a super picky eater. I only ate about 20-30 foods (which did not include pizza, hamburgers, fries or macaroni and cheese, just to give you an idea). If I went somewhere and no food on my “list” was available, I preferred to go hungry. (As a result, when I went to Spain at 16 I lost about 15 pounds, even though I wasn’t at all overweight to start with: all I ate there was granitas, chocolate and bread.) I also had recurrent childhood kidney stones, which were probably caused by my very limited diet (all the foods possibly implicated in my type of stones were the ones I ate).

    But then I went away to college and gradually began to eat a larger variety. I met my now-husband when I was 19, who loves all food and is a food snob, and he introduced me to all kinds of new foods. Now I eat pretty much everything, even things like nettles and raw squid.

    The food thing was really a power struggle between my parents (in particular my mother) and myself, which is why some distance and maturity fixed it. I imagine your daughter will have a similar experience (especially because she sounds normal otherwise). Maybe if you just back off she will expand her repertoire on her own. Or you could just introduce her to some cute boys who are gourmets?

    Comment by Grace — November 12, 2011 @ 10:25 am
  2. Thanks for your perspective. It’s so hard for me to separate out what is ‘normal teenage pickiness’ and what could represent a problem with her. I am afraid that it is becoming a power struggle too. Backing off hasn’t worked, and I’m terrified of introducing her to cute boys! LOL I was thinking about buying her a vegetarian cookbook for Christmas and letting her start planning her own meals. I just don’t know. I’m really lost on this. I’ll take any and all suggestions!


    Comment by ~me~ — November 14, 2011 @ 8:20 am

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