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The Loony Bin

August 14, 2011


Yesterday, I took the teenagers to the airport and sent them off to visit their grandparents. I knew that we needed to leave here by 4am at the latest to check in on time and make the flight. I was aiming for 3:30am though so that we could park, have breakfast and also avoid any early morning traffic that might be heading into the cities. My plan was to stay awake and take a nap when I came home. That is what I usually do.

In striking proof that I am getting old, my body gave out on me at 1am. Keep in mind that I have a tendency to suffer from bouts of insomnia and usually have TROUBLE falling asleep before 1 or 2am … but … on Friday night I collapsed into bed without finishing the packing that I planned on getting to earlier.

Earlier as in after Alex’s fiddle camp ho-down.

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