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July 8, 2011

Finding the wagon

Two years ago, I set out to find a healthier me and I was pretty successful.  I lost almost 70 pounds and though I wasn’t at my goal weight (boohoo) I felt much better.  I was walking an hour a day regardless of the weather.  By last spring/summer, I was jogging 3-4 miles.  Then the bottom fell out with all of the neuropathy stuff.  I stopped logging my food intake on LoseIt.  My jogs turned into walks that turned into … naps.  This whole last year has been an attempt to figure out a balance between the neurontin and its benefits and risks.  Also, I struggled with depression and self-doubt this year as I tried to finally sort out my feelings from the last few years and point my life in a new direction.

I’m so much happier now.  I have made peace with my choice not to go to school full-time right now or work.  My job as a mom fulfills me in ways that it didn’t in the past.  When I was younger, I yearned for a career and for the professional satisfaction that I thought that I would have from working in a job that was meaningful to me.  Now, I find meaning and comfort in the 6 most important people in my life …. my five children and my husband.

So this brings me full circle to two years ago … getting back on the wagon … figuring out how to approach my life from a healthier standpoint again.  I know that this will be a lifelong battle for me.  I have been overweight since I gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy with Andrew 16+ years ago.  I don’t see myself ever getting skinny again.  I like to cook and … eat … too much for that.  I do need to get to a healthier and more comfortable weight for myself.  I was disappointed this week to step on the scale and see that where I was at -68 just a year ago … I am now only at -38.  Translation?  I have gained 30 pounds back since last Summer.  I don’t want to focus on the numbers now though.  I don’t want to set myself up to feel depressed or badly about myself because it will simply turn into an excuse to overeat and not walk.

I am starting this healthy living part of my blog for me … to serve as my own encouragement and motivation to maintain a healthier way of living.  Feel free to chime in with your own healthy living news, cheer me on, or watch from the sidelines.  Today will count as my first day.  I will check back in tonight with my exercise and food log …

Thanks for any support you can offer.

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