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Surviving Cancer

June 29, 2011

You’ve been flocked …

This past week has been hard.

I have been watching my friend’s 3 year old daughter while she is in the hospital as a way to give the grandparents a break.  This has meant trips to the zoo, the mall, McDonalds and Cars2.  Throughout this time, I have heard very little from my friend with the exception of a message telling me her kidneys weren’t working … and then no response when I asked her how she was.  It has been very frustrating and upsetting to me because I don’t have all of the information on what is going on and I have no way of really knowing if she is ok.  I got a text from her out of the blue that said “Kidneys are bad.  Challenging day.”  I hadn’t heard from her in awhile and so I was concerned.  I texted back and asked her if she was ok.  Nothing.  I told her that I was worried and again asked her if she was ok.  Nothing.

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