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June 15, 2011

Only me

I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of a gal.  I don’t plan my summer excursions with the kids, I just decide on a destination, pack up the van, wrangle the kids and go.   This way I avoid the disappointment and frustration that can go along with getting excited about a specific landmark, museum or amusement park that doesn’t live up to expectations.   I don’t have to worry about stopping along the way to enjoy an unanticipated side-journey out of the fear of not making it to a hotel room.  We just go and enjoy the journey for the journey’s sake.  I’m adaptable enough to stay an extra day or two wherever we land, if we find something more exciting that we just ‘have’ to visit, or we want to leave early and head off somewhere else.  I call it flexible.  My friends, who spend days and sometimes even weeks planning every minute of their trips and meticulously packing everything into their suitcases call it “crazy”.   As my children have gotten older though, I have begun to realize that our summers need more structure.  Enter Summer 2011, where I decided to actually enroll them in camps and programs … before the deadlines even.  I received what was tantamount to applause from family and  friends who might have remarked that at age 40 I was finally growing up and getting organized.

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