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May 5, 2011

Baseball and Band update

It’s that time of year again.  Baseball season is in full swing for Andrew.  It got off to a slow start thought because of our cold and rainy Spring.  The first home game that I went to happened in 35F weather.  I literally sat there all bundled up, using sweatshirts from the van draped across my legs to keep my legs warm.  Actually, this picture is from that game.  Notice Andrew’s short sleeved shirt!  He is much tougher than I am.

In any case, Andrew was disappointed at the start of the season not to get much time to play.  Now that he has stepped up at practice, that is changing.  He also went to the coach and asked to be allowed to try out new positions.  This past winter he worked out 3-4 time a week at the YMCA and has really big arm and leg muscles.  He throws a mean ball, and the coaches let him try a little pitching.  Now he is a little more determined to work on learning some of the new positions and getting himself out of right field.  I hope he can hold onto his enthusiasm.  He’s 16, so … that sort of waxes and wanes.

Andrew also just recently finished up band for the year.  They celebrated with their Spring concert, which the band director officially introduced as the “Winter … I mean Spring Concert.”  It might have had something to do with our freezing rain and cold that first week of May.  Though he isn’t crazy about band, I’m sending him to band camp this summer.  I want him to keep working on playing throughout the summer and continue to build his sense of identity.

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