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April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We were blessed by a beautiful Easter day. It was such a welcome relief from the dreary, gray, rainy and cold weather that has plagued us for much of April. It was wonderful to have the kids home for a few days and to enjoy NOT having to drive them to school or pick them up from activities.

This is the first Easter that only the two little ones got up for! The fun for the bigger kids happened the night before …

Alex helped me to put together the baskets and hide eggs in the front yard.
Andrew helped me hide the hard-boiled eggs in the house.
Amanda … well, she helped herself to her Easter basket late! LOL

I have to admit that it was really fun to share the activities with the boys at night. I suppose we are starting a new tradition. It seemed kind of like a natural evolution. Now I have people to share the fun preparations with. Thomas isn’t really into the whole easter bunny thing. He slept the latest of everyone, to be honest. This used to bother me. When Andrew, Amanda and Alex were older, I used to force him out of bed when they got up. I wanted us to share the morning together. The consequence of it all was just that he was crabby and we all sort of felt dragged down. Now he gets his sleep and I am able to enjoy my holidays. Win/win!

Later in the day, we had Easter dinner … Braten, spaetzle and brussel sprouts …

That … was not without its own special drama. Andrew mouthed off to Thomas and I, and for the first time in the history of us being parents, Thomas sent Andrew upstairs without dinner. He literally took his plate away and refused to let him have anything. Andrew wasn’t allowed to come down or eat anything until he found it in his heart to apologize to us both … something that took a few hours. It seemed so wrong to me at the time, and I argued with Thomas to “please not ruin Easter dinner”. I’m glad Thomas stuck to his guns though. At the end of the day, Andrew got more out of this than I thought, AND … Easter dinner was not ruined. The rest of us ate, talked and had a nice meal.

And then it was out the door for an Easter walk on the campus of one of our universities nearby. The kids somehow discovered the last possible pile of snow here in the frozen tundra and they busied themselves playing snowball baseball until the pile was nearly gone! We were in the woods for nearly 3 hours. Fun was had by all! We ended the day snuggled up downstairs watching Tangled.

Hope everyone had a good Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

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