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February 5, 2011

And then I peed on my phone…

Right.  Where to start. This week, we kicked off a new tradition, which is getting the boys onto the bus that leave at 7:05. For me, it means getting up at 6:15 to guzzle at least 2 cups of coffee before heading upstairs to drag their little behinds out of bed.  Alex was just tired of being late, and frankly, Thomas has been in charge of getting Zoe to preschool and she is 40 minutes late every single day even though I dress her, feed her and make her lunch.  All he has to do is physically drive her there, but he can’t get up before 8am anymore (school starts for her at 8:15).  I would comment on the luxurious life he gets to lead since he sleeps in every day, but he and his partner have a shift agreement.  His partner hits the ground running in the hospital at 6am and leave by 3 or 4 and Thomas arrives at 9am and usually works until 7pm or later.  This way, they have overlap in the ID service.

The new 6:15am start for me meant one thing: waking up at 5:45 or 6:00.  I could not figure it out.  Here I am usually crawling out of bed at 7:15 with my eyeballs half-closed, but I was so worried about oversleeping and missing the  bus that my body woke me up earlier. wow. Let’s just say that by Friday afternoon my crankiness could no longer be controlled and leave it at that! LOL

The week flew by. Andrew kicked off his baseball lessons on Wednesday after some grumbling and a teen temper tantrum about how he hates baseball, never wanted to play it and how much we suck as parents.  I recognized it for what it was …. anxiety.  Thomas took it seriously and came to me all freaky about why I was paying money for lessons that he didn’t want … especially the $60/hour one hour lessons that I signed up for.  We couldn’t afford to give Andrew any kind of sports lessons or anything as a young child because we were deep in the throes of training and then the first couple of years out we had so little money. I see this investment as being expensive, but as hopefully doing something to replace what he missed.  Thomas came to me Wednesday night after Andrew’s first lesson to tell me that I was right and he was wrong.  mwahahaha. After school, Andrew asked to be taken for new sweats and was talking very positively about the lessons.  Thomas asked him if he should talk to me about canceling them and not doing baseball and Andrew acted like Thomas grew horns. Whaaaat? He loves baseball and was looking forward to the lesson.  The actual lesson, btw went pretty well.  They were all happy to see him and were impressed that he followed through with going out with the prep school team.  They were even more excited that he was back and was looking good.  The best part is that the retired pro player and founder of the baseball company that offers these lessons is going to work with Andrew personally next session. yay!

Amanda hit the ground running with her classes and is proudly boasting a B average after finishing chapter 1 tests and assignments in her subjects.  This is a big improvement for her.  She had more time to finish up, but she is highly motivated to go, go, go! I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for her that this keeps working out!

Alex turned 12 yesterday and we celebrated in the style to which we have become accustomed: Space Aliens with lots of arguing and fighting over the crappy toys that we won at the end! It’s hard for me to believe that he has crossed over into that almost teen place, but let me just add that he did so with more grump and pouting than I have ever seen! He is usually Mr. Happypants and yesterday, everything rubbed him the wrong way. We just couldn’t make him happy.  Fortunately, he woke up on the right side of the bed today.

I spent some time in Aidan’s classroom again yesterday. I kept him home on Thursday after he cried Tuesday night and Wednesday morning about going to school … then went to the nurse’s office Wed. morning trying to come home and then cried again Wed. night. He complained that the kids were calling him weird and that he hates school and has no friends. We spent Thursday lying in bed watching shows when I wasn’t helping Amanda and building a little wooden pirate ship from a kit.  I told him it was his 1 special day off all year and that this was it … then I made sure to have lunch with him yesterday too.  His teacher put the kabosh on the teasing and tightened the screws on the kid that started it. Aidan has had some weird seizure activity again this week which is worrying me.  Yesterday, he complained suddenly of a loss of ability to use his hand. Then his fingers started twitching bizarrely.  Thomas held his hand while the fingers twitched wildly.  The twitching stopped but he couldn’t move his thumb.  It finally resolved, but it left me with a pit in my stomach.

Zoe has been super-busy all week.  She is happy, singing, dancing … making messes …. which all would be fine if I was feeling better.  My ears just continued to be an issue and got to a point that I felt like I had cotton balls in my ears and couldn’t hear well while on the phone.  I also have had some nausea when I drive especially.  I have had to keep my phone on speaker and put it to my ear in order to hear.  With that, I’ve had more tongue issues and some facial pain.  It absolutely floored me and made me upset.  I have so f***ing had it that I was even angry.  I called neurology and internal med.  Neuro told me that the ears sounded like more cranial neuropathy and to increase the tegretol.  Increasing the tegretol during the day turned me into a zombie. Internal med told me to come and pick up steroids. I wanted to avoid this at all costs.  In the meantime, I asked for neuro to talk with Internal Med so that we were all on the same page.  They didn’t talk. All week, I waited patiently after upping the tegretol.  By 3:30 pm on Friday, I got kind of pissy.  I had been friendly and gracious about the wait, but I was facing a weekend with ear misery and uncertainty.  I was also doing a WTF over how the ears could be related to neuropathy and whether or not I had something really … wrong with me.  I called and got answering machines with both offices.  I left something along the lines of “I asked that both offices talk so that we were on the same page and so neither doctor felt like I was going behind their backs.  I didn’t realize this was such a tall order.  I have increased the tegretol as suggested by neuro but now I want the medrol dose pack as well.  I’m not getting better and frankly, I don’t want to risk my hearing while they figure out how to have a conversation.”   It was bitchy, and usually …. I’m friendly about this kind of stuff.  Neuro called me back and said “oh, they just got off of the phone.  Your ears are from serous otitis, not neuropathy. The serous otitis is probably triggering the neuropathy to get worse. Keep taking the increased tegretol.”  Then Internal med called me back. “Oh, the doctors talked early this morning (so the neuro nurse lied …. meh!).  Pick up the medrol dose pack.  It will help for everything. It should improve pretty quickly. If it’s not better in a week, pick up another dose pack”.

I spent the week feeling lousy because of my ears and face, distressed because I didn’t know what the deal was and frustrated because I’m tired of dealing with this bullshit and couldn’t figure out why the two docs who work within walking distance of each other’s offices couldn’t talk.   As soon as Internal Med contacted neuro and said it was serous otitis, the neuro changed her opinion about neuropathy and modified it…though I’m still supposed to stay on the increased dose of Tegretol.  Ok…  I was left feeling like a jerk instead of a patient trying to get the best care and working to include both care providers.  I’m tired from my early mornings this week.  I actually stood in WalGreens while I was waiting to pick up the medrol dose pack and cried. I don’t really know if I’m getting the best care or not or how to evaluate that.  I hear suggestions about running off to Mayo or the U of MN, but really, I’ve met brilliant doctors here and lousy ones … and at big academic centers I’ve seen great ones and idiots.  Do I want to go somewhere where I’m just a number and start all over?  I don’t know.  I really don’t.  I have looked into the cancer aftercare program at U of MN.  I qualify in May.  I imagine that will be my next step.

Anyway …. it is unusual to have bilateral serous otitis … and for 5+ weeks at that.  Before I did anything, I also went up to the clinic and had Thomas look in my ears.  He couldn’t see anything.  He looked with two different otoscopes. :/ W. T. H.  I downed the entire first day’s dose of steroids yesterday afternoon (as instructed … since I picked it up late in the day). I was hoping for improvement today because I feel so icky( Instead, I woke up with the same symptoms but also swelling in all of my extremities from the medrol. Meh. It’s a short course though). Then we left for Space Alien’s to celebrate Alex’s 12th birthday!

It was busy and the restaurant was full.  It took twice as long as usual and Alex was really upset and disappointed that he wouldn’t have time to go afterwards to Best Buy with Thomas to pick up his gift (insert tween grumpiness).  As we were leaving, Zoe asked to go to the potty. I decided to use the potty myself. As I was zipping my pants, I noticed my iPhone sitting at the bottom of the toilet bowl.  Apparently, it had fallen out of my back pocket when I sat down. :/ My first thought was “waaaah.  It’s broken.”  My second thought was “how the heck am I going to get it out?”.  In case you’re wondering … I had to just … dive in.  I pulled it out and to my amazement, it was still functioning normally.  I was really shocked.  I dried it off as best I could, washed my hands and headed out into the restaurant. “Mommy peed on her phone,” Zoe proclaimed loud enough for everyone around us to hear. “Oh my GAWD, MOM, you PEED on your PHONE?” Amanda repeated.  Yup….so all of St. Cloud knows that I peed on my phone.  My mom called me on the way home: “What’s wrong with your phone? It sounds like you are under water?”  “That’s not water, mom.”

It powered down and I assumed that it was finally biting the dust.  I plugged it in when we got home and woke up this morning to have a look.  Amazingly, it turned on … and worked… in an interesting twist, the headphone jack had been broken.  I wasn’t able to listen to my tunes with headphones anymore.  It is now working! Go Figure!  So hopefully this is foreshadowing of my week to come …It’s all going to get better now …

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