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January 29, 2011

Ahhh, Saturday!

I wish every day could be Saturday! The funny thing though is that when I don’t HAVE to get up, I wake up early.  It might have something to do with the fact that by Friday night my 40 year old behind is in bed now before 10pm, but still … There is nothing better right now in my life than getting up on a Saturday morning with the week behind me and Sunday ahead of me. The rest of the house is still asleep and I make my coffee, read my Kindle and play online without having to prod children out of bed and drive them where they need to be. It’s funny how life does this. I never imagined that I would look forward to a Saturday morning the way that I used to celebrate a Friday night! LOL

This week was a mixed bag.

The kids are all doing pretty well. (knock on wood!)

Andrew is gearing up for the start of baseball season on Wednesday with a little bit of angst.  I know this will slowly get better as the indoor baseball lessons progress and he builds his confidence again.  He has been working out at the Y several times a week for the last few months and he is definitely more muscular and ready to pick up the bat!  I can’t wait for the baseball games to get underway! They quickly became my favorite part of Spring last year ….His private lessons start again on Wed. though and since he hasn’t even tossed a ball around since last Spring, he is understandably feeling nervous.  I know it will get easier once the lessons are underway though.

Amanda got started on her BYU courses.  We are now officially working all of her classes again instead of just the algebra and grammar.  I have some serious doubts about her being able to finish up the 9th grade by next Fall in time for 10th grade.  We’ll see. She is enrolled in Biology, 9th grade LA, German and World Geography.  This is a lot of work and getting it done will depend on her work ethic as much as my ability to motivate her.  I really like what I see with the BYU high school classes.  After logging in, we were taken directly to the courses with their content.  They seem like fairly typical high school classes and grades are administered by the teachers instead of me.  I hope that she is at a point where she can start motivating herself and doing the work that she needs to do in order to move forward. Crossing fingers.

Alex is finally getting more organized with school.  Finally.  He made all B’s last semester because of his overall laziness and desire to just have fun.  Now he seems to be getting it … whatever it is that was missing.  He is making top marks in pre-algebra and is actually studying for his vocabulary tests. His teacher emailed me last week immediately after a big pre-algebra quiz. “He got a 100%”.  He got a 94% on the chapter test on Thursday.  Yay, Alex.  He turns 12 next week.  Twelve.  I can’t believe it.  We’re busy planning his birthday party now.  That was on the back burner with all of the renovations going on.

Aidan has been a little turkey this year.  After several days of him crawling on the floor in the classroom, tossing pencils in the air (sigh) and generally acting like a 7 year old boy on a sugar high, his teacher and I came up with a plan to rein him in.  So far, we are having success.  I added going into his classroom on Fridays to the list of rewards for good behavior and he seems to be responding. It is so awkward to hear about your sweet little child acting like a monkey and not being able to step right in and stop them! What is totally ridiculous though is that on cold days there is no indoor recess.  They only have phy ed here twice a week and the kids aren’t allowed to really talk during lunch … how can 7 year olds NOT be a little nutty? It is frustrating for me and the teacher, I’m sure.

Zoe is still my sweet little princess.  Her new thing lately is to tell me that she doesn’t have to listen to me …. “I only listen to God”.  Right.  LOL  She just cracks me up. It’s hard to believe that she is going to be 5 soon … and that next year she will start Kindergarten. Holy cow … I have been feeling dumbfounded lately by how old she is and how fast she has grown from a little baby into such a big girl …. I look at Amanda now and realize that by the time Zoe is 14, Amanda will be in her twenties …. It is going to fly by …. I just know it….how can I slow down time?

For me, like I said, it’s been a mixed bag.  I’m relieved that everyone seems happy and that things are all as I imagine that they should be for the kids (knock on wood).  There are no dramas or major (or even minor) issues to report. (knock on wood again!). I feel happy with how things are going for the family and for me, but at the risk of boring everyone … with the exception of the pesky neuropathy that has crept up on me yet again.  It started a couple of weeks ago with me feeling very tired … tired like … have to pick up Zoe after preschool and then nap with her for 2.5 hours .. then go to bed early, fall asleep early  … and sleep hard.   I kept thinking that I wasn’t getting enough sleep or imagining it to be from the neurontin, which I tried backing off of again.  Then the legs and arms started again …. Its started with two fingers on my right side when we were in the hotel and progressed to where it is today … halfway up my arms. I thought maybe it was coming from my back and that it had something to do with the bed in the hotel or the soft pillows or something. My feet started again and the burning reaches farther up my thighs than it ever has. In the middle of all of this, my tongue started … again … which meant another prescription for the Mayo mixture to keep me comfortable.  It does help as long as I take it regularly. In the midst of this … the ears again.  I had thought that I might be on the mend with the ear thing, but …. guess again …  I’m back to the feelings of fullness, popping and hearing as if I have hands cupped over my ears.  It used to be worse on the left … now the right side seems to have kicked itself up a notch. Last night, I laid in bed and had the sound of almost like a wind tunnel in my ears.

I am very uncomfortable physically …. mostly due to my tongue.  It is so awful. I can’t describe it.

Being the idiot that I am, I had already canceled my neurology appointment for last week because I just get sick of going in and recounting the status quo.  Last time, she suggested that I go to the U of MN for a sural nerve biopsy and to see a specialist for less common neuropathies.  I’m really not up for that, and I got it in my head that this was her way of sort of getting rid of me. I also didn’t consider that the ears could have anything at all do do with the cranial neuropathies … now I’m rethinking that.  If I had gone to my appt. though, I imagine my neurologist would have blown it off too … without even taking a look in my ears.  Do I sound like I’ve lost faith a little?  I have.  I did talk to my internist’s nurse and she suggested that I go ahead and restart the Sudafed again.  So far … it has not helped.  I’ll keep on it again though because the alternative is likely a short course of steroids … which I know will mean sleep issues and weight gain.  No thanks.

Beyond that, like I said, things are good.  Thomas and I have been watching episodes on DVD of Castle and we are almost at the end. What a bummer!  I like this almost as much as I did Monk!

Oh …. I did get another surprise visit from the woman who caught me in my panties.  This time, fortunately, I was dressed … but the house was of course a mess.  meh … win some lose some.  At least I had my hair fixed, make-up on and was wearing clothing.  She showed up to see my cabinets after she tried reaching me but I “never answered my phone” .  Right, because I have caller ID and I don’t want to talk to her!!!  Satisfied with my floor and cabinets, she turned her attention back to my living room furniture which she declared “a shocking surprise” when she first saw them … and not in a good way.  Right.  I sort of feel the same way now too, but I feel like I’m stuck with the decision. The furniture is lovely, but it doesn’t look good in our living room … that is true.  That being said, I paid money for the sofa and chair and I’ll have to figure out how to live with them for now.  It only adds to the burden I feel every time I walk into my house to hear her criticisms in my mind. I’m really not sure what I like and what I want, so to me it makes sense to make this work until I have a clearer picture in my mind.  She wants me to sell everything in my living room on Craigslist (she said this) and start over.  To encourage me, she invited me over  for wine and to go through her decorating books… whatevah!

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