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September 24, 2010

Whooosh….Part 2

So…back to Montana…

Glacier National Park was everything that we had imagined that it would be, except…for the weather. I had checked the average temperatures for August and had packed for 60-70F weather. This is a family that swims at Jellystone when it is in the 60′s, so my idea about packing heavy sweatshirts was somewhat of an afterthought and as it turned out, I accidentally left them all hanging on the stairway banister back at home. I didn’t envision it being a problem, because …. well, because I wasn’t using my head! While I had been working on renovating the camper, the temperatures had crept up into the 80′s. I had been so hot in the pop-up that I made sure to buy fans before we left to keep us cool at night. I even looked into buying one of those window air conditioning units but ultimately couldn’t stomach the cost!

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