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July 18, 2007

The journey…

I have promised Andrew for 3 years now that we would visit the source of the Mississippi River. We have just never seemed to get there though for a variety of reasons…all of them excuses. Thomas worked this weekend and so instead of sitting around the house feeling sorry for myself (a special talent that I have when he works all week and then the weekend as well and I am feeling overwhelmed), I announced to the kids that we were GOING. To show my commitment, I booked a nearby hotel room for us to stay and started packing. This was a pretty big deal, because I have never taken the kids on a trip overnight on my own before. We were all excited….though I confess that the logistics of actually being the sole caretaker of 5 children on a journey across the state didn’t hit me until….well…..they were throwing shoes at each other in the van (WHY didn’t I let them bring their Gameboys again?) .

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